Believe — A Hilarious Movie
about Multilevel Marketing

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

"Believe" tells the fascinating story of Adam Pendon, a steel mill truck driver struggling to support his family. When the mill closes unexpectedly, Adam's life looks grim until he is approached by Mark Fuller (pictured to the right) a slick, well dressed and confident salesman who offers a business opportunity and quick fix to Adam’s sudden financial problems. At Mark's urging, Adam attends a “business” meeting at a local hotel, where he enters the world of Believe Industries, a multi-level marketing company.

There he meets:


Despite his wife’s concerns, Adam joins Believe and begins to succeed despite himself. He rockets to super-stardom within the ranks of Believe as his wife grows increasingly concerned with how the business is changing him. When Adam realizes Believe is misleading his fellow Believers at the company’s convention, he has to decide whether turn a blind eye and enjoy the wealth and fame he is amassing or to walk away from it all.

"Believe" is aptly described as a "mockumentary" because it is based on actual experiences by writer-director Loki Muhlholland during years of undercover research. It is a wake-up call for MLM enthusiasts, their families, their friends, and their prospective customers. For nonbelievers, it merely offers great entertainment!

This article was revised on April 29, 2008.

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